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Nestled in  the heart of Midtown in Atlanta, luxuriate in the entree of full body treatments designed for the total you  at  My Mind Body Retreat.

Custom tailored to exclusively accommodate the unique needs of women, enter this special space and be transformed by our integrated lifestyle approach that winds a path to total well-being through education, deliberate & client centered services, an array of treatments and all natural products blended onsite by licensed massage therapist and well-being specialist, Vanessa I. James.

REJUVENATE your mind, RELAX your body, and RENEW your spirit with  relaxation techniques using massage, yoga and aroma therapies, complimented with an interfusion of all natural products that are well-appointed blends customized for each special guest experience.

My Mind Body Retreat  is a relaxing and calming little "re" treat from the mundane...the physical, emotional, and mental stimulation that we often view as the normal daily grind. Come and allow us to offer you the space, products and customized treatments that lull you into a renewed appreciation of the best you possible!

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A fabulous MIND BODY experience...

welcome to  my mind body retreat ...